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General terms and conditions

  1. ) The named drivers accept the vehicle for personal, non-commercial use, as is, for the specified rental dates.

  2. ) The named drivers accept the vehicle with liability insurance (WA) at a legally required level in Bonaire, CN. (Note: this level does not include coverage for damage to the vehicle if the named driver is found at fault.)

  3. ) The named drivers have provided proof that they are legally able to drive in Bonaire, CN.

  4. ) The named drivers accept responsibility for understanding and following traffic laws.

  5. ) The named drivers must carry their driver’s license at all times when using the vehicle.

  6. ) The named drivers are responsible for ensuring that the vehicle registration and insurance documentation related to the vehicle are present in the vehicle at all times.

  7. ) The named drivers are responsible for identifying any surface damage or other notes regarding the condition of the vehicle at the start of the specified rental dates. First Bonaire Car Rental will provide a diagram of each vehicle for the purpose of recording the vehicle’s condition.

  8. ) All named drivers are jointly responsible for the cost of any damage to the vehicle not caused by normal wear and tear, up to the indicated replacement value of the vehicle. (Examples not considered “normal wear and tear” may include a cracked windshield, damage caused by impact with a donkey or other animal, trees, or buildings.)

  9. ) All named drivers are jointly responsible for the cost of repairing any collision damage to the vehicle, regardless of whether someone else is found at fault or the cause is unknown, unless one of the named drivers accepts responsibility for such a collision.

  10. ) All named drivers are collectively and/or individually responsible for paying all fines, towing costs, court costs, and/or administrative fees incurred for parking, traffic, or other violations.

  11. ) The named drivers agree not to use handheld electronic devices while driving the vehicle, to smoke, drink alcohol during or before driving, or to use prohibited substances. In the event of an accident, the named driver will be held responsible for all costs of all parties involved when these regulations are not adhered to.

  12. ) The named drivers will immediately notify a representative of First Bonaire Car Rental if the vehicle indicates that maintenance is required (for example, when a dashboard warning light comes on or if a new sound is heard).

  13. ) The vehicle and the keys must be returned to a representative of First Bonaire Car Rental on or before the end of the rental date/time.

  14. ) The named drivers will defend and indemnify First Bonaire Car Rental and its members against all actual and alleged claims, demands, causes of action, liability, loss, damage and/or injury (to vehicle, property, or persons, including but not limited to wrongful death). This indemnification applies to, and includes, without limitation, the payment of all penalties, judgments, awards, decrees, attorney fees, and related costs or expenses, and all fees to First Bonaire Car Rental, for all legal costs and expenses incurred. 1. ) For clarification of article 14: If any circumstances from art. 14 are due to actions of First Bonaire Car Rental or to overdue maintenance, First Bonaire Car Rental is responsible and not the renter. This does not apply to incidents resulting from poor operation/driving of the vehicle, an unforeseen mechanical defect, or other incident. (For example: a blown tire, cracked windshield, broken axle, poor road conditions, etc.)

  15. ) In the event of an accident, there is a deductible of $500 USD, both with comprehensive and WA insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers all damage above the deductible. Not applicable to point 11 and 17 use of alcohol, phone, and drugs, etc. With WA insurance, all additional costs for repairing the car are charged, including labor hours ($20 per hour), loss of rental income, etc.

  16. ) All named drivers are at least 24 years old and have had their driver’s license for at least 2 years, as proven by showing their driver’s license.

  17. ) It is not allowed to enter the National Park with the vehicle, and off-road driving is also prohibited. Violation results in a fine of $500 USD. Also, in case of breakdown in the National Park, all additional costs are charged, i.e., towing costs, repair costs, replacement car, and any other costs that will occur.

  18. ) Only the pickup truck may be used for diving trips. It is not allowed to use other cars for this purpose.

  19. ) In the case of a missing or lost car key, it must be paid for by the named driver. The amount is $150.

  20. ) If the car is not returned with a full tank of gas, a remaining amount must be paid to cover fuel costs. If nearly full, it is $15; if ¾ full, it is $30; if ½ full, it is $60; and if ¼ full, it is $90.

  21. ) NEVER lock the car (even at night) and never leave valuables or the car key in the car.

  22. ) Upon return, the car must be clean. If the car is dirty, a cleaning fee of $35 will be charged. After wearing very wet clothing or smoking, professional deep cleaning is required. In that case, a charge of $200 will be imposed.

  23. ) In the event of a legal dispute, it will be handled by the court of Bonaire, CN.

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